This Pastrami Ice Cream Sandwich Turns the New York Deli Staple on Its Head


Does it come with a side of pickle ice cream? Inquiring minds want to know.

We’ve definitely seem some outrageous ice cream sandwiches in our time. From breakfast ice cream sandwiches with bacon to the haute foie gras iteration, these frozen treats extend way beyond the traditional chipwich.But we think we may have found a winner for craziest ice cream sandwich in the world: pastrami on rye from Coolhaus ice cream food truck. Coolhaus, the quirky ice cream food truck, has created an entire menu dedicated to the iconic New York Jewish delis.

Along with the pastrami ice cream standout (which comes on a marbled rye cookie), Coolhaus also serves potato latke applesauce ice cream on a hamantaschen cookie.

“I had most of the team in disbelief that these flavors wouldn't just cause intrigue, but actually be good,” Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case told the LA Times. “I mean, cream cheese and rye, latke... pastrami ice cream!? But when we all tasted them, they worked.”

LA Times taste testers describe the pastrami ice cream sandwich as “not as gut-wrenching as we feared” and “subtle and luckily, the amount of meat sparse.”


You can get yours when Coolhaus rolls up in Pasadena and Culver City, California.