Pancakes on a Stick Are Japan’s Biggest Craze

These pancakes on a stick are called Kushi Pancakes, and they’re trending in Japan

Breakfast kebabs? What will they think of next?

You can put practically any food on a stick, so why not pancakes? Kushi pancakes, aka pancake kebabs, are trending in Japan. Before you do all sorts of mental gymnastics to figure out the eating logistics of that, picture this: These pancakes are the size and shape of marshmallows and are sandwiched between fresh fruit and drizzled with chocolate syrups, sprinkles, and other toppings.

At Osaka Kawaii Panbo in Tokyo — the store that sells these handmade “kawaii” (Japanese for adorable or cute) creations — you can customize your dessert kebab with toppings like raspberry, mango, chocolate, caramel, condensed milk, honey, maple syrup, custard, candied sprinkles, and icing sugar. Each stick costs about $7, while the miniature kebabs will cost you $4, according to Rocket News 24.


We imagine that if an outlet of Osaka Kawaii Panbo were to open in New York or Los Angeles, people would quickly be lined up around the block just for the opportunity to post photos of these adorable pancake kebabs.