This Outrageous Meatball ‘Burger’ Is Stuffed Between Two Slabs of Deep-Fried Lasagna

The Oxford Tavern in Sydney is channeling its inner American with this giant lasagna burger not for the faint of heart
Is it a burger or just Italian Sunday dinner on steroids?

The Oxford Tavern

Is it a burger or just Italian Sunday dinner on steroids?

Move over, doughnut burger bun. It’s deep-fried lasagna’s turn to shine as the latest greasy sandwich bread alternative. The Oxford Tavern in Petersham, Sydney, doesn’t want to just serve you lasagna with meatballs, they aim to make the traditional Italian dinner a slightly disgusting eating challenge.The lasagna burger is a giant cheese-filled meatball stuffed between two slabs of deep-fried lasagna. The entire dish is drenched in marinara sauce.

This is not the first time the Oxford Tavern has pushed the limits of culinary creativity (and the iron will of their customers’ stomachs).  The pub, which prides itself on creating Australian versions of glutinous American bar food, has served some doozies. They offered a 12-patty burger earlier this year that left us baffled as to the proper method to consume such a towering pile of beef. The Tavern also serves meat-pie fries that remind us of poutine, but with brown gravy and meat-topped fries instead of cheese curds.

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We hate to tell Oxford Tavern though; their new burger concept has been done before. A similar deep-fried lasagna burger appeared for a brief period of time on the menu at Philadelphia’s PYT in 2013.