One of the World’s Top Chefs Created Gourmet Food for the International Space Station

Heston Blumenthal made a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich for the first British astronaut on the International Space Station

Tim Peake (L) and Heston Blumenthal (R) work together to create the perfect astronaut food for Brits.

The latest project for Heston Blumenthal, owner of The Fat Duck in Berkshire, is not just out of the box — it’s out of the stratosphere. The multi-Michelin-starred UK celebrity chef has created gourmet space food for Tim Peake, the first-ever British astronaut on the International Space Station, including a bacon sandwich, Christmas pudding, and cup of tea that functions in zero-gravity.

Astronaut Tim Peake, now on month two of a six-month mission on the International Space Station, challenged Blumenthal to create seven zero-gravity dishes that would remind him of the comforts of home. The entire experiment was turned into a 90-minute documentary called Heston’s Space Challenge that will be broadcasted on BBC channel 4 in spring 2016, according to The Guardian.

So how above Earth do you make a weightless cup of tea? Previously, astronauts would add hot water to a sealed pouch. To tackle the problem of being unable to remove the teabag, Blumenthal’s created a system that discards the teabag into a separate pouch.


"When Tim set me my mission, I felt a surge of pride to be involved in such a historic moment for both astronomy and gastronomy," Blumenthal said in a promo for the documentary. "Tim and I have also worked closely together, creating dishes that will remind him of home even though he'll be 400km away in space. The very least I could do was make sure he had a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie [sandwich]​."