eye test

Shutterstock / Bastian Weltjen

Nikon’s ‘Vision Food Truck’ in Paris Only Let Patrons Order Food They Could See on the Menu

According to the promotional video, 5,000 people were invited over the course of ten days to test their vision and order food
eye test

Shutterstock / Bastian Weltjen

Customers were able to build a burger based on the items they could read off the menu.

Food trucks are all about convenience, but there’s one food truck in Paris that might be a little more difficult to order from — depending on your eyesight.

Nikon Lenswear collaborated with Paris creative agency Altmann+Pacreau to create the first food truck whose menu is also an eye test, meaning customers can only order the menu items they can actually see, Adweek reported.

Already breaking from traditional food trucks, the menu as depicted in the promotional video is quite minimal, with bread, lettuce, and pickles kicking off the list of offerings. Tastier options are written in smaller font, with cheddar being sixth on the menu. The eighth and smallest menu item is beef.

In the video, those who are unable to read the “meat” off the menu are prompted to take an eye test in a neighboring truck.


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