This Newly Opened Shop Is Entirely Devoted To Potato Chip Sandwiches

We all know that one person who randomly puts potato chips on top of his or her sandwiches to add some crunch and texture to lunch.But Mr. Crisp, a sandwich shop that just opened in West Yorkshire, England, is the very first sandwich café devoted entirely to potato chip sandwiches. The shop will offer 35 different varieties of chips as well as an extensive sandwich menu, so customers can mix and match their favorite flavor combinations. It will also serve tea cakes and baguettes.

Owner Marc Pearson said that he was inspired by a similar shop in Belfast, according to Mashable.

"We live in a time where people want things quickly, especially in the business world, and a crisp sandwich certainly offers them that and a wide selection of flavors that you would struggle to find in any other sandwich," Pearson told The Daily Mail.

So if you want a peanut butter and fluff sandwich topped with barbecue chips (or crisps, as they call them across the pond), you can definitely get that at Mr. Crisp.