New Syrup-Filled Cones at Burger King España

‘Cono Rellenos,’ or filled cones, feature soft serve ice cream on a sugar cone filled with syrup

Cono Rellenos are available with dulce de leche or chocolate syrup.

Talk about turning an idea on its head. Burger King in Spain has taken a traditional sundae cone, and instead of topping ice cream with syrup, the chain’s Cono Rellenos feature a syrup-filled cone topped with soft serve ice cream.

Customers have the choice between dulce de leche or chocolate syrup inside of a sugar cone topped with vanilla soft serve, reports Brand Eating. Though the cross sections of the cone make for a great advertising image, we wonder about the practicality and logistics of eating such a cone without being left with super sweet syrup and no ice cream.

The Cono Relleno is being sold for 1€ (~$1.12 US).


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