New Syrup-Filled Cones at Burger King España

‘Cono Rellenos,’ or filled cones, feature soft serve ice cream on a sugar cone filled with syrup
Cono Relleno

Burger King

Cono Rellenos are available with dulce de leche or chocolate syrup.

Talk about turning an idea on its head. Burger King in Spain has taken a traditional sundae cone, and instead of topping ice cream with syrup, the chain’s Cono Rellenos feature a syrup-filled cone topped with soft serve ice cream.

Customers have the choice between dulce de leche or chocolate syrup inside of a sugar cone topped with vanilla soft serve, reports Brand Eating. Though the cross sections of the cone make for a great advertising image, we wonder about the practicality and logistics of eating such a cone without being left with super sweet syrup and no ice cream.

The Cono Relleno is being sold for 1€ (~$1.12 US).

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