New European Michelin Guide Released With One Three-Star Addition In Paris

The newest Michelin Guide, that all-encompassing book of top-notch cuisine around the world, explores the best restaurants in Europe. The 2015 Main Cities of Europe Michelin Guide has added 62 new restaurants to its guide this year, including one that garnered the coveted three starred rating: newbie Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris. The guide covers 46 cities in 20 countries, and adds two new cities this year: Aarhus in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden. For those who don't quite have bottomless pockets to spend on European dining, the guide also includes 292 Bib Gourmands, which represent more affordable choices.

One of the highlights, Tanti in Budapest, was noted by editor Rebecca Burr for its "great cooking and simple artistry. This is a stylish modern restaurant and the kitchen delivers 'clean,' fresh flavors and shows a real understanding of ingredients."

Many of this year's star recipients were also included in The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants in Europe, like Noma in Copenhagen, Guy Savoy in Paris, and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London.