McDonald’s Unveils Green Burger That Looks Like Fluorescent Mold

The latest colorful fast food burger to come out of Asia is a bright green McDonald’s burger bun for ‘The Angry Birds Movie’
A burger bun that looks moldy might not be the best marketing ploy.


A burger bun that looks moldy might not be the best marketing ploy.

First we had the black Whopper. Then, McDonald’s gave us a grey Big Mac. Now China has bestowed two more unnaturally colorful burgers on us: one green and the other red.

McDonald’s China now has a burger with a bright green bun and another with a bright red bun. The burgers are being released in tandem with The Angry Birds Movie, based on the popular Flash game.

Despite the bizarre colors, the burgers actually do sound intriguing: The Super Green Burger is made with pork, egg, lettuce, and a secret jalapeño sauce in between the two green buns, while the Super Red Burger is the same as a double chicken sandwich with the two red burger buns instead.

Nonetheless, people are not too impressed with these new “mold-green” and “old blood-red” burgers:

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