The Big Mac is a big zero in Paris.


A McDonald’s Opens in Paris That Doesn’t Serve Burgers or Fries

A McCafé that just opened in Paris only serves sandwiches, soup, and fancy French desserts; no greasy burgers in sight

McDonald’s is trying to appeal to the bourgeois sensibilities of the average Parisian by opening a McCafé that does not serve burgers or fries. The new Paris branch serves coffee, sandwiches, soup, tiramisu, and macarons, but no sign of the original greasy fare the Golden Arches are known for, according to the UK Independent.

The McCafé opened Aug. 29 on Rue Rambuteau in central Paris and thus far has received mostly positive — albeit puzzled reviews — from customers. People are describing it as a Starbucks with better, fresher food selections.

The café has an open kitchen, seating for 30, and a bakery section. McDonald’s branding is nowhere to be found both inside and outside the café. Signs with phrases like “Great Club Sandwiches” and “Coffee Time” are plastered on the walls instead of the classic yellow arches or Ronald McDonald.

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McDonald’s France has stated that it is “too early to tell” if this business model will be a success.


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