Matcha Green Tea Pancake Mix Is Coming to Japanese Grocery Stores

The mix is made with Uji matcha, a prized variety of green tea

Each package comes with matcha mitsu green tea syrup to flavor the pancakes and pour over the final product.

Showa Sangyo, Japan’s market share leader in pancake mixes, has unveiled Wa Hotcake Mix, bringing together the ever-popular matcha flavor to pancakes. Rocket News 24 reports that each 300-gram (10.6-ounce), 400-yen ($3.35 USD) package comes with two 20-gram containers of matcha mitsu green tea syrup.

The syrup is meant to be mixed into the batter before cooking to give the pancakes a light green color and “an elegant matcha flavor and aroma.” Once cooked, the remaining syrup can be used instead of maple syrup for extra matcha flavor. The hotcake mix will be released in Japan on March 1.


For those that can’t wait until then (and haven’t gotten enough sakura-flavored goods), Sakura pancakes have come to Japanese convenience store chain Lawson just this week, according to Rocket News 24. They are made with sakura extract and feature whipped cream and sakura anko sandwiched between two pancakes.