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Food, Shelter, and Other Acts of Kindness Abound After Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

The hashtag ‘#RoomForManchester’ has helped spread the word on social media for those in need of help

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The community has banded together to provide aid to concert attack victims.

Late Monday night, a bombing at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, left 22 people dead and 59 injured, NPR reported. In the wake of the tragedy, the community has quickly stepped up to aid in any way they can, providing meals and comfort to emergency service staff and victims of the attack.

On Twitter, the hashtag “#RoomForManchester” began trending after the incident, as many people were left stranded in the area as the local train station closed down, ABC News reported.

“I live 5 mins from the Manchester Arena. I have sofa bed, food/drink and phone chargers if anyone needs any help #roomformanchester,” Twitter user Nick Q wrote, followed by similar tweets.

Restaurants were also offering up aid to victims and help, with restaurant Bukhara Manchester offering hot meals of chicken biryani and even vegetarian options.

One sandwich shop — The Soupreme Sandwich Co, owned by Jackie Goodwin — opened to offer hot drinks and food to police officers and ambulance staff working throughout the night, BuzzFeed reported.

“I know all their faces, and I know they must’ve been up all night, and I know they would’ve normally come into my shop,” Goodwin told BuzzFeed. “I want people to spread the word and let them know that they can stop in and have a brew, or even take it away. Hopefully my message will get through to the people who have not had a brew or a break all night.”


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