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A Man in Singapore Used Twitter to Get KFC’s Hot Devil Drumlets Back

Ask and you shall receive

Radu Bercan / Shutterstock

The spicy chicken will officially make its way back to menus in Singapore.

In 2014, KFC in Singapore discontinued their Hot Devil Drumlets, a spicy menu item that captured the heart of one man who loved them so much, he tweeted at the fast-food chain for a year to bring them back. Now, KFC is making all of his dreams come true and is officially putting their spicy chicken back on the menu.

Twitter user @farthestofhans, also known as Farhan, repeatedly replied to KFC’s tweets, always bringing the conversation back to his main goal: Getting his hands on some Hot Devil Drumlets.

His year-long persistence finally paid off when he received a direct message from KFC confirming that the company had seen his tweets, followed by a picture of the Hot Devil Drumlets box, Mashable reported. The fast-food chain told Farhan that the drumlets are “coming back hotter than ever” and offered him the chance to be the first person in Singapore to try them.

Farhan told Mashable that he first thought the messages weren’t real.

“My first reaction [to this was] nah, this has to be fake... because my close friends know I love fried chicken,” Farhan said.

The messages were legitimate. KFC is bringing the spicy drumsticks back to Singapore, and Farhan is expecting a box to test out before the relaunch.

A KFC spokesman confirmed the news.

“As an appreciation for his fervent support, we wanted to let him have the first taste of the Hot Devil Drumlets comeback,” the spokesman said.


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