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Man Gets Away With Checking Single Can of Beer for His Flight

The man shipped the beer from Melbourne to Perth

FotoDuets / Shutterstock

The passenger plans on saving rather than drinking the can of beer for now.

On Saturday, an Australian man named Dean Stinson checked in a single can of beer on his flight out of Melbourne — not because he was looking to pack the essentials, but merely for the fun of it.

"It honestly just seemed like a good laugh, an idea a mate and I cooked — pretty much a meme in real life for all the export drinkers out there," Stinson told Mashable.

Stinson posted a video on Facebook showing that his beer can made it back safe and sound from his Qantas Airways flight.

Peter Ellis, founder of travel website FlightMood, told The Daily Mail that Stinson isn’t the first to check in Australian beer.

“Export being checked in as baggage is not an uncommon sight so I wasn't even surprised,” he said. “I've seen Export being flown as far as Greece — now that's dedication!”


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