London Bunny Pop-Up Canceled Over Animal Cruelty Concerns

Critics expressed their concerns to putting the nervous, fragile animals into a potentially stressful environment

Looks like this London pop-up concept simply went too far. 

We’ve seen some crazy pop-ups come through London, from dogs serving beer to a clothing optional restaurant. A seemingly innocuous pop-up bunny café has been canceled a week before opening as a result of major backlash from individuals and welfare groups.

The pop-up, called Bunny Blossom Café, was scheduled to run from June 5 to 11. The concept is similar to cat cafes, giving customers the opportunity to interact with rescued bunnies while enjoying afternoon tea, with the possibility of adopting these bunnies and giving them new homes.

Since the event was posted on Facebook, and has since been taken down, individuals and welfare groups have expressed serious concerns about the wellbeing of the rabbits in this type of environment, reports Metro UK. Many have commented that rabbits are fragile, nervous creatures that “can suffer severe physiological reactions to fear or stress,” which could in some instances be fatal.

The RSPCA released a statement on the bunny café, which states, “We have serious concerns for the welfare of any animals used in a cafe environment… For some rabbits being handled or stroked by unfamiliar people can cause stress and fear. Additionally, as a prey species, it is crucial that any handling is undertaken correctly as incorrect handling may cause rabbits to feel threatened.”

Bunny Blossom told Metro UK in an email, “Regretfully we won’t be opening our cafe as we are worried for the safety of our staff and supporters. We think it’s sad that the very people who think they are fighting for animal welfare have in fact prevented a very worthy and informative event from taking place.”


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