Knott’s Berry Farm to Debut a Deep-Fried Boysenberry Cheesecake for Annual Festival

Around 70 boysenberry-themed treats, both sweet and savory, will be featured

Named “The Fun Stick,” this brand new creation combines boysenberry cheesecake, funnel cake, and boysenberry cream.

The annual Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival is almost upon us, which means dozens of both sweet and savory berry-themed treats for people to enjoy, but none perhaps as anticipated as some deep-fried cheesecake.

NBC Los Angeles reports that about 70 edibles will be featured at this year’s festival.

A new item for 2016 is “The Fun Stick,” which is described as a “culinary masterpiece that perfectly combines a creamy boysenberry cheesecake, funnel cake, and boysenberry cream.”

FoodBeast describes “The Fun Stick” in detail. It is a cheesecake on a stick dipped in funnel cake batter and then deep fried. It is topped with boysenberry cream (made fresh at the park, of course) and dusted with powdered sugar. As a result of the deep frying process, the cheesecake’s graham cracker crust falls apart, giving the final product an “empanada-like appearance.”


The Boysenberry Festival begins in March 19 and runs through April 3.