KFC Manager Shows Incredible Kindness to Elderly Beggar: ‘How Would You Feel If That Were Your Father?’

KFC Manager Shows Incredible Kindness to Elderly Beggar: ‘How Would You Feel If That Were Your Father?’

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 2.0

What would you have done in the manager’s situation?

A sweet act of compassion from a young KFC manager in the Philippines to an elderly beggar has caught the Internet’s attention this morning — instead of ordering the old man to leave, the manager offered him a meal instead.

The story, posted to the blog When in Manila, was submitted by another customer in the Cebu, Philippines restaurant.

“As I was about to finish my meal, an old man with worn out clothes, a black bag and a twisted/broken arm entered the store and approached me (I was sitting near the door) and then showed me his arm,” the customer writes.

“He was saying something, but I didn’t understand any of it. Nevertheless, knowing his situation, we handed him money, which I don’t normally do, coz [sic] I’d rather buy him food instead, but in this case, I did, [along] with the other customers near him.”

When the manager approached the man, “I thought he was going to kick him out of the store, but he didn’t,” the onlooker explains. “To my surprise, he offered him food and talked to him instead. He even asked his crew member to replace the old man’s collected coins with bills. I overheard that he collected about P150 [Philippine Pesos equal to approximately $3 USD] and the manager gave him P200 [approximately $5 USD].”

The elderly man visibly brightened at the manager’s kindness, and was smiling even as he left the store, the customer continues. When she asked the manager if she could share this story online, she was asked not to include his name, as managers are not allowed to permit beggars inside their restaurant. Nonetheless, the KFC supervisor told the customer that he couldn’t help but take pity on the man.

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“I also have a father about his age,” the manager told her. “How would you feel if that [were] your father?”