KFC China Just Introduced a Bright Pink Burger Bun

This Pepto-Bismol-colored sandwich bun tops the rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger at KFC China

Now we have pink and black burger buns. We can’t wait for green.

Another colorful fast food bun has surfaced, and this time it’s Barbie friendly. KFC in China has added a new menu item: a rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger with a pale pink bun.Unnaturally-hued fast food sandwiches seem to be in vogue now, especially in Asia.

We’ve already seen multiple black burgers and a red burger bun from Burger King Japan. Although Burger King has promised to come out with a variety of rainbow-colored buns, it looks like KFC beat them to the punch this time. KFC China now has a pink burger and a black burger (the latter is a bacon and spicy chicken leg sandwich), which some speculate could be a nod to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime TV series that’s popular in China — it features two characters whose favorite colors are pink and black.


You can get both burgers at most KFC outlets in China right now, but would you be turned off by the unusual shade of pink?