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Japanese Baked Goods Company Creates a Ramen/Uncrustables Hybrid

Ramen sandwich is a crustless sandwich pocket filled with Yokohama-style ramen

Ramen takes sandwich form once again, but this is no ramen burger. Japanese baked goods company Yamazaki Bread has expanded its Lunch Pack line to include a ramen sandwich. The Lunch Pack line features crustless sandwich pockets with a variety of fillings, reports Rocket News 24.

Traditional fillings include peanut butter, egg, and tuna, however the brand has introduced a variety of regional favorites to diversify its offerings, including Hokkaido croquets and Niigata pork cutlets. For this month, the company has created Yokohama-style ramen sandwiches.

Yokohama-style ramen is made with a pork stock and soy sauce broth, and is often seasoned with garlic. The sandwiches are made with the help of Yokohama ramen restaurant Yoshimuraya, which typically has a line of customers out the door, according to reports. Yamazaki Bread’s ramen Lunch Pack features noodles and chunks of pork seasoned with a sauce which recreates the restaurant’s signature broth.

The sandwiches are on sale for 150 yen ($1.30 USD).

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