Japan Introduces Us to the 3-Carb Ramen and Rice Burger

Lotteria, a Japanese fast food chain known for its weird burgers, created this white rice, ramen, and tofu burger
Japan Introduces Us to the 3-Carb Ramen and Rice Burger

Hey, Japan: When does a burger stop being a burger?

When it comes to bizarre food trends, Japan takes the cake (usually it’s a Hello Kitty cake).  Lotteria, a Japanese food chain, recently released a three-carb burger consisting of white rice, ramen noodles, and, of course, a bun, reports Japanese culture blog Kotaku.

Compared with the spaghetti Popsicle and Whopper perfume, a three-carb burger may seem tame, but Lotteria’s gluten-heavy burger does raise some eyebrows, especially because it doesn’t include an actual burger. Instead, this carb fest consists of just the buns, white rice, lettuce, ramen noodles, and spicy tofu. We can say with confidence that this wouldn’t go over very well in beef- and bacon-loving America.

Right now, this limited-edition “burger” is going for 720 yen ($6 USD), and will only be on sale this month. But if you miss it, don’t despair: Lotteria is known for its quirky burger selections like the shrimp-less burger (buns, lettuce, tartar sauce, and nothing else), and the five patty “Attack on Titon” burger. The Japanese apparently like to go all or nothing with their fast food choices.


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