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Italy Wants the United Nations to Recognize Its Pizza as a National Treasure

Italy is in talks with UNESCO to add Neapolitan pizza to its official list of landmarks of "intangible cultural heritage"

There truly is nothing in the world like a piping-hot, authentic Italian pizza pie. Some might even say it’s just as iconic as the Roman Colosseum. The Italian government thinks so too, apparently.

Italy is in talks with the United Nation’s UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to designate Neapolitan pizza as a cultural national landmark.

UNESCO keeps a list of designated physical and symbolic landmarks of “intangible cultural heritage,” including camel-coaxing rituals (Mongolia), tightrope walking (Korea), cowbell manufacturing (Portugal), and the human towers (Spain). Italy is of the opinion that its iconic saucy and cheesy pie could wedge its way in amongs the camels and cowbells. The list also includes other food-related items like French cooking, and washoku, the traditional Japanese culinary tradition.

The UNESCO proposal, according to Munchies, argues that Neapolitan pizza is a remarkable part of the country’s culture and history, and adds $8.8 billion to the Italian GDP.

Keep in mind this proposal only covers traditional Italian Neapolitan pies made with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, not to be confused with New York or Chicago pies (which in our minds, should be landmarks in their own right).

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The United Nations will announce the new additions to their world heritage list next year.