Italy’s Best Pizza Can Be Found….in a Drug Rehab Center? Italians Say Yes

A national survey of 40,000 Italians shows that the most popular pizza in Italy is at a rehab center in Rimini run by residents

There’s probably no better rehabilitation therapy than making delicious pizza.

You may think that the best pizza in Italy would be found down a narrow byway in the middle of Naples or in the middle of a piazza in Rome, but according to a nationwide survey in Italy, the country’s best pizza can be found at a drug rehab center.

Hospitals are usually the subject of “bad plastic food” jokes, but Sp.accio, a restaurant run by rehab residents on the grounds of the San Patrignano youth drug rehabilitation center in Rimini, is surprisingly at the top of the list, according to The Local.

The poll, conducted by Italian food website Gastronauta, surveyed 40,000 Italian residents, and more than 18 percent of voters picked the rehab center’s restaurant as the best that Italy has to offer.

“As well as honoring a quality pizza, we honor a project of rehabilitation, training, integration, and growth for young people who have decided to turn over a new leaf and give themselves a second chance,” Gastronauta said.


Forget traditional Neapolitan pies: Sp.accio is known for its creative takes on Italy’s unofficial national dish. The diavolo pie is topped with mayo and vegan hamburger meat, and the Mojito pie is baked with rum and lime, and topped with a mint-based salad. The restaurant, which opened 10 years ago, also boasts a 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor.