I’m gonna make him a pizza he can’t refuse.


Italian Mafia Boss Arrested by Two Cops Disguised as Pizza Delivery Boys

A notorious mob boss in Italy was captured by police after the officers — dressed as delivery boys — rang the boss’ doorbell

This is possibly the most stereotypical Italian news story of all time: A notorious Italian mafia boss and don of the infamous Camorra mafia was finally caught by police after officers disguised themselves as pizza delivery boys and arrested him at his apartment from which he had been operating an illegal drug-running business.

Roberto Manganiello, 35, is considered one of Italy’s most dangerous criminals for an alleged double homicide he committed in 2004, and he has been on the run since, according to The Independent.But what got him in the end was simple sleuthing and a good, old-fashioned love of pizza.

The fake pizza delivery guys arrested Manganiello on the spot as he was watching the Milan soccer game from his apartment with a 30-year-old woman who was also arrested.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano praised his officers for the stealth arrest, calling it a "success due to top-level investigative work,” according to Yahoo.

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