This International Peace Café Pop-Up Celebrated The 91 Languages Spoken In Bristol

The world could do with a good dosage of peace and friendship. This was the objective of the International Peace Café, a one-day-only pop-up celebrating the food and diversity of 91 cultures and languages spoken in Bristol, England.Hundreds of peacemakers attended the café on November 21, just one week after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Café organizers and attendees served more than 120 different recipes from different cultures around the world like ful medames (dried broad beans) from Syria and adas polo (layered onions and potatoes with fragrant rice and lentils spiced with cumin and cinnamon), a gourmet staple from Iran. The purpose of the café, besides experiencing new foods, was "for everyone to come and talk, to meet people from different backgrounds and hear their stories."

The event was organized by the former BBC head of production Kalpna Woolf, who has also founded 91 Ways, the Bristol-based nonprofit organization that utilizes food to "bring people together, to help them communicate better and be heard."

Due to the event's success and popularity, it will likely be repeated again next year.