Unfortunately, the “cool factor” of illegally smoking a Cuban cigar has now gone out the window.


Import Restrictions on Cuban Rum and Cigars Finally Lifted

President Obama lifts the remaining import restrictions on Cuban goods, including rum and cigars

Ever since President Obama lifted the Cuban embargo earlier this year, the borders have been opened and Cuban products have begun to freely flow between the island nation and America.The last remnants of the trade embargo were erased today when Obama finally lifted the remaining import restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars.

Diplomatic relations with Cuba were restored in December 2014, and since then, bit by bit, American-Cuban trade and travel relations have resumed, nearly 54 years since the failed Cuban Missile Crisis. Now, American visitors are not limited (beyond normal TSA rules and regulations) as to how much tobacco and alcohol they can bring home from Cuba. Previously, rum and cigar purchases had been limited to $100 worth of goods.

“You can now celebrate with Cuban rum and Cuban cigars,” said Susan Rice, U.S. national security adviser, as she laid out the new rules in a policy speech to a Washington, D.C. think tank, according to France24.

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However, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry said diplomatic relations with Cuba remained far from perfect, citing human rights violations in Havana as an example.