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How One Woman Made $11K From Delayed Flights and Another Ended Up With a Bloody Nose

Bumping flights may have worked for this customer, but others weren’t as lucky

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Delta Airline prided itself on going 161 days straight without a cancellation last year.

Last week, Delta flyers experienced around 3,000 flight cancellations due to severe weather, according to the airline. While some customers were left dissatisfied, one was paid nearly $11,000 for not taking a pre-planned trip to Florida.

Laura Begley Bloom, a contributor at, intended on flying from New York City to Florida with her family last weekend when Delta started offering to pay flyers to give up their seats for standby passengers, according to Forbes.

Over the course of three days and three cancelled flights, Bloom and her family were able to rake in almost $4,000 for every delayed flight, bringing in around $11,000, in addition to lunch, taxi fares, and a refund for the cost of three plane tickets.

According to ABC News, bumping flights isn’t uncommon — some airlines tend to oversell tickets for flights and if no one volunteers to give up their seat, they can be removed from the flight against their will. This past weekend, a passenger was forcefully dragged off of a United Airlines flight after refusing to give up his seat. The incident was recorded and has since gone viral.

Charlie Hobart, a spokesman for United, told CNN that the airline was forced to do an “involuntary de-boarding situation” in which four passengers were selected. The airline also denied the accusation that the man was selected based on his ethnicity.


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