Hotel Chain Bans Bacon and Sausage, Immediately Angering Carnivorous Customers

Nordic Choice Hotels has replaced its cured meat breakfast options with plant-based foods to be more environmentally friendly
What’s a hotel breakfast without sizzling bacon and sausage?

Wikimedia Commons/ Shutterstock

What’s a hotel breakfast without sizzling bacon and sausage?

The Scandinavian region is in the midst of a pork panic. Nordic Choice Hotels, a Norwegian hotel chain with dozens of locations throughout the region, has announced that they will no longer be serving sausage and bacon. Instead, the hotel chain will be replacing these cured meat favorites with plant-based menu options.

The changes come about after the hotel chain announced a collaboration with the Gunhild Stordalen’s EAT Food Forum. In addition to processed meats, cereal and most cheeses have gotten the axe as well, in efforts to reduce deforestation from palm oil usage.

“Today’s hotel guests want more dynamic products suited for an everyday life that is very much about health and sustainability,” Kenneth Hultgren, a spokesman for Comfort Hotels, one of the chain’s subsidiaries told the Swedish newspaper, Västerbottens-Kuriren.

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The newspaper took a straw poll amongst its readers to determine public opinion on the lack of processed meats, and 70 percent of them voted for "I need bacon for breakfast!” Apparently travelers can’t leave without their traditional bacon and eggs in the morning. Who knew?