No foie gras, expensive salmon, whatever shall we do, mon cheri?


Here’s Why Christmas Dinner May Be a Letdown in France This Year

In France, foie gras has been pulled off the shelves and the price of traditional Christmas foods have skyrocketed

Christmas dinner is shaping up to be a disappointment in France this year. With yet another foie gras scandal after the delicacy was recalled en masse due to a bird flu outbreak, and skyrocketing prices of traditional French Christmas foods like smoked salmon, truffles, and scallops, few Frenchmen and women will be able to stuff themselves silly with Parisian delicacies this holiday season, according to The Local French edition.

In France, people are paying about $10 USD for foie gras than they normally would due to the shortage. Truffles will also see a 38 percent price jump because of the severe droughts farmers suffered this year. Salmon has seen a drop in production and will also suffer a price increase, while an algae infestation has caused a scallop shortage and prices are about eight percent higher than usual.

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Perhaps this year, French Christmas celebrants will have to indulge in American traditions like cranberry sauce instead of foie gras and ham instead of lox.