An entire expo dedicated to the best chocolate-makers in the world? Count us in.

Gotham Chocolates

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About New York’s Big Chocolate Show

The best and most unique artisan chocolate-makers are coming together this fall for one sweet festival

Willy Wonka’s factory may not be real, but you can still surround yourself with chocolate at one of New York’s largest chocolate shows in October. The Big Chocolate Show — as its name implies — features more than 50 high-end, artisan, and up-and-coming chocolatiers, including Jacques Torres, Valrhona, Marie Brizard, and Gotham Chocolates, showing off their “best stuff” in a variety of demos, classes, and exhibits on Oct. 8 and 9.

There will be a tasting of bean-to-bar chocolate from a producer who makes chocolate out of his Hoboken, New Jersey, apartment, chocolates from Vietnam, three-dimensional mold-making classes, and exhibits of miniature dresses made out of chocolate. Of course, besides the unusual spectacles, there are hundreds of chocolate bars to sample.

“It’s an opportunity to taste a lot of chocolate from one producer without having to invest in a lot of bars,” said The Big Chocolate Show’s founder, Matthew Saravay, in a press release.

“We wanted to do more than simply offer an opportunity for the general public to load up on chocolate in a basic trade show format,” he said. “That’s been done here before and quite frankly, it was easy to improve upon that model. This new, highly curated and American-produced show takes a chocolate expo to a whole new level.”

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You can buy tickets for The Big Chocolate Show here.