The market carries everything from candy and cupcakes shaped like the beloved cartoon character to Hello Kitty wine.


This Hello Kitty-Themed Grocery Store Is For Real

A Hello Kitty-themed grocery store in Hong Kong carries a variety of pink and other pastel-colored, Kitty-approved food items

Hello Kitty just can’t seem to resist popping up in all sorts of strange places. There’s Hello Kitty beer; there are farms, love cafés, and dim sum restaurants themed after the beloved animated cartoon feline-girl. The latest place Hello Kitty can be found is at a grocery store in Hong Kong, where baked goods, wine, sushi, and produce, shaped like or emblazoned with the familiar feline silhouette are sold. 

It’s a popup, unfortunately, but for now you can go shopping for Hello Kitty-themed foodstuffs at the Sai Wan outpost of the Yata department store. There’s even bottled water themed with Hello Kitty’s sweet visage available.

Naturally, the mind-bogglingly extensive theming of the popup supermarket has caught the attention of anime-lovers around the globe:

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