This Glow-In-The-Dark Cotton Candy Is The Newest Disney Snack Craze

Disney is on a roll lately with introducing photogenic snacks at its theme parks, like lightsaber churros and stunning Avatar-inspired desserts. The latest eye-catching edible from the most magical place on Earth is glow-in-the-dark cotton candy.

Light-up cotton candy has been spotted all over social media. People are searching the Magic Kingdom (at night, of course) for these colorful spun-sugar snacks. But not only does the cotton candy glow in different colors, it actually flashes in time to the brand-new fireworks show, "Happily Ever After," which takes place behind and on Cinderella's Castle. The cotton candy is also available at Disneyland, where it flashes in time with the fireworks during the California Adventure's "World of Color" show.

We don't mean to spoil the magic, but glow-in-the-dark cotton candy is actually made possible thanks to some pretty impressive glow stick technology inserted in the center of the fluffy cloud of deliciousness. What will they think of next?