Ordering just one cannoli? Fugheddaboutit.

Pasticceria Caruso 

This Giant Cannoli Filled With 50 Smaller Ones Is the Pastry Dreams Are Made Of

The Bazooka cannoli hails from a bakery in Australia and features a giant cannoli shell stuffed with regular-sized cannoli

This is a pastry that even your Nonna would find challenging. Introducing the Bazooka cannoli: a Giant cannolo pastry shell stuffed with 50 regular-sized cannoli and wrapped up in a festive red, white, and green bow.

This ingenious king of desserts, filled with mounds of pastry cream, is only available at the Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney.

“It came about by accident, really,” Josie Gagliano, the bakery’s spokeswoman, told BuzzFeed. “We created it as a bit of joke for a relative’s birthday and we decided it looked like a huge bazooka gun, filled with cannoli, hence the name. “It worked and created a buzz on Facebook, then we got our first order for it. And now they are hugely popular and we make lots of them every week.”


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Recently, the bakery participated in a Barilla event where the staff taught bloggers how to make the enormous pastry shell. The small cannoli are piled together using chocolate ganache as an adhesive. You can watch the process for yourself below: