The Future Is Now: Foodpanda to Employ Drones for Food Deliveries

World’s largest online food delivery platform hopes the new technology will give it an edge over competitors

Foodpanda, the world’s largest online food delivery platform, hopes to bolster revenue by employing drones to deliver its food with the hope of cutting delivery time to just 20 minutes.

In Hong Kong, Foodpanda has already reduced delivery time from 60-70 minutes to 30 minutes, according to Forbes.

Ralf Wenzel, CEO of Foodpanda, tells Forbes, “The technical solutions [of drone delivery] will be available over the next months.” The company tested drone delivery in Singapore a few months ago, and it has plans to roll out the new technology throughout its 24 markets, including Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

Challenges for the larger rollout include further testing of the technology and regulatory issues. The company wants to ensure their operations maintain legitimacy and that their drones are legally protected.

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