French Fry Vendors Drop Two Tons of Fries on Belgian City Hall in Protest

New legislation threatens the vendors’ ability to renew their leases

After two failed attempts to overturn the unpopular legislation, these entrepreneurs decided to take a more radical approach.

Last week, workers cleaned up two tons of French fries scattered across a Belgian City Hall.

The delicious protest was the work of French fry kiosk owners whose businesses are threatened by new legislation passed by the government in Ghent. Vendors who used to have “first dibs” on renewing their leases and the right to pay five percent more than the highest bidder to keep their lease have lost this power, with new legislation giving the lease to the highest bidder.

The vendors have tried to overturn this rule twice and failed, and this time resorted to more radical measures, unloading two tons of frozen French fries “onto the steps, windowsills, and pretty much every nook and cranny of city hall Tuesday night,” details Mashable.


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