This Finnish Brewery Debuted a Staggering 1,000-Pack of Beer

Finland's Keisari Brewery has announced the release of a 1,000-pack of beer cans to be sold in supermarkets
How will they even…”finnish” all of that beer?


How will they even…”finnish” all of that beer?

Partying must be akin to a religion in Finland, with something like a giant megachurch of beer for its worshippers. That’s the only explanation we can think of for the giant 1,000-pack of canned beer that Keisari Brewery just debuted in Finland’s Nokian supermarkets. Buying one will set you back 2,149.20 euros, or about $2,343 (approximately $2 per beer).

The giant pack of 1,000 beers was a one-off, as great ideas often are. Keisari’s gargantuan new product was in response to competitor Karjala, another beer brand that had released a 100-pack of beer. Another brewery in Austin, Texas, has released a 99-pack (presumably to go along with the song), but this “grand” brewing feat has left both of these competitors in the dust.

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The 1,000-pack is a very limited promotion. If they don’t sell, supermarket officials told Food & Wine that they would be broken down this week and sold off in smaller packs. We hope some Finnish guy or gal is hosting the party of a lifetime with these incredible supplies!