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A Fancy Hong Kong Grocery Store Sells a Single Strawberry for Almost $22

Kotoka strawberries are rare fruits grown in Japan

Luca Santilli / Shutterstock

The pricy strawberry has caused outrage among Facebook group Hong Kong Moms, which has almost 37,000 members.

If you’re in Hong Kong and want to experience true luxury, look no further than the City Super grocery store, which stocks a strawberry that costs 168 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $21.60).

The Kotoka Strawberry Gift Box comes in a cardboard humidor stuffed with synthetic straw and nested in a foam doughnut, Time reported.

The Kotoka strawberries are rare fruits grown in the city of Nara near Osaka, and are known for their “good acidity and rich sweetness.”

The Kotoka strawberry isn’t the only “luxury” fruit in the grocery store; City Super also sells $64 melons and $522 apples.

If you think these prices are outrageous, you’re not alone; however, traditionalists in Hong Kong see expensive gifts such as these as customary during Chinese New Year celebrations.


According to a statement to Time from City Super spokesperson Kathy Chu, the extravagant strawberry is meant to be a Valentine’s Day gift.