The Exclusive Club 33 Is Coming to Disney World in Four Locations

Disneyland’s private club with a 10-year waiting list is hopping coasts to Disney World, with one opening in each Florida park

More like Club 132, right?

Any Disney fan worth his or her salt knows about the “secret” exclusive club in the heart of Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. Dinner costs a small fortune, and you usually have to wait years on a long waiting list before getting your opportunity to dine with the one percent Mouseketeers. Well now Club 33 is coming to Disney World — four of them in fact — one for each main theme park: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The four exclusive clubs will be opening this fall, a Disney spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel. We presume that the restaurant at each park will have a slightly different theme. (Perhaps a smorgasbord of diverse delights at Epcot and old-school Hollywood theme décor at Hollywood Studios?)


Unfortunately, beyond the fact that these four clubs are in the works, no further details are known. But the purpose of the original club in Anaheim is exclusivity. Membership is “rumored to be” upwards of $12,000 annually on top of a $25,000 entrance fee, meaning that unless your Fairy Godmother can help you, dining at Club 33 is next to impossible.