This Emirates Plane Has a Fully-Stocked Walk-Up Bar On Board

Dubai-based Emirates Airline’s A380 plane has a fully-stocked bar and lounge on board
This Emirates Plane Has a Fully-Stocked Walk-Up Bar On Board
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“Attention, passengers: you’ll find life vests located under your seat, right next to the martini glasses.”

Ah, the good old days, when a guy could board a plane straight from the runway, walk right up to the wet bar on board, and order a Scotch. Sounds like something out of Mad Men. But Emirates Airline is bringing it back. Dubai-based  airline Emirates’ A380 plane has a walk-up wet bar and small lounge on board.

Say goodbye to ordering your tiny bottle of vodka with instant orange juice from a smiling flight attendant. This plane has a walk-up bar and lounge stocked with full bottles of Hennessy, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, along with a variety of snacks, according to a review on Gizmodo. You can walk up and order a cocktail any time you want; choose from a list of pre-selected drinks or ask for a special recipe.


We definitely wouldn’t mind traveling on this plane, but, of course, the bar is only available for business class passengers. Now if only American Airlines would bring back the piano bar that they had on their 747s in the 1970s.