Duo to Bring Their Quirky Combination of Beer, Yoga to Breweries Nationwide

The Ohio-based company, Beer Yogis, plans to take its idea on a month-long road trip across America this summer
Bright spaces and wood floors are being swapped for beer vats and industrial surroundings.

Wikimedia Commons / www.localfitness.com.au / CC BY-SA 3.0

Bright spaces and wood floors are being swapped for beer vats and industrial surroundings. 

“Yoga” often evokes images of candlelit rooms or bright, airy spaces, with a gentle soundtrack playing in the background as people try to find oneness with the world around them. However, some people are out to change those perceptions.

Melissa Klimo-Major and Mikki Trowbridge, two yoga instructors, are trying to marry yoga with another commonly held (and surprisingly healthy) passion: craft beer. The two have started Beer Yogis, a company that is trying to take the art of yoga to craft breweries nationwide.

“We take three things very seriously - our love for yoga, our appreciation of craft beer, and creating a welcoming community,” write the cofounders on their website. They do this buy holding yoga classes in industrial breweries — not your typical yoga studio. In addition, after each class is a drinking session fueled by that craft brewery as Yogis with a love of beer unite to create a community.

Now, Klimo-Major and Trowbridge want to build an even bigger community — one that unites yogis and craft beer aficionados nationwide. They have launched a Summer 2016 road trip, going throughout the month of June. Their trip will start in Columbus, Ohio and they will crisscross the country, traveling to 22 breweries across the nation in 27 days.

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It may sound strange, but the idea of enjoying a cold pint of some excellent craft beer after a steamy yoga session seems very appealing. If it sounds good to you, go check out their tour schedule. In the words of the founders, “Cheers and Namaste.”