Domino’s Ukraine Selling Pizza/Pie Hybrid

New menu item is simply known as Domino’s Pies
pizza pie

Domino’s Ukraine

Pies come in four flavors: cherry, cottage cheese, poppy seed, and apple.

Giving new meaning to pizza ‘pie,’ new Domino’s Pies being sold in Ukraine combine elements of pizza and pie to create a unique dessert.

The pies feature pizza dough crusts and are finished with a latticed top, reports Brand Eating.

Domino’s Pies come in four flavors: Cherry, cottage cheese, poppy seed, and apple. Cherry features a cherry and cinnamon filling; cottage cheese is made with apricot jam layered with vanilla and cottage cheese; poppy seed has a lemon and poppy seed filling; and apple contains an apple, ginger, and cinnamon filling. The pies are being sold for about $5.46 each.

Here’s hoping one day we’ll be able to order Domino’s Pies from our Apple Watches. In the meantime, we’ll be in line trying to snag a bite of another sweet and savory mashup from The Doughnut Project.

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