Domino’s Debuts a Pizza Sofa at a UK Music Festival

This gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘comfort food’

The Pizza Boy Sofa has ‘pepperoni’ seat cushions atop a semicircle pad decorated to look like sauce and melted cheese.

There’s nothing like kicking back and eating delivery pizza on your couch, but what about eating pizza on a pizza couch? It’s pizzaception at its finest.

Domino’s UK has created the Pizza Boy Sofa, which made an appearance at last month’s Isle of Wight music festival. Festivalgoers took the opportunity to snap some Insta-worthy photos lounging on the couch.

The sofa features a semicircle pad bearing a melted cheese and sauce graphic, “pepperoni” seat cushions, and throw pillows with the Domino’s logo, all bordered by a tube-shaped “crust” to rest your back on, according to Brand Eating.

The company gave away a Pizza Boy Sofa to a lucky winner, and we hope there are more to come (on our side of the pond, perhaps?)


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