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Dog Slaughter Banned at South Korea’s Largest Dog Meat Market

The market reportedly sells 80,000 dogs (alive or dead) each year

Marie Charouzova / Shutterstock

Moran Market opened in the 1960s.

Animal rights activists have fought to end the controversial practice of butchering and slaughtering dogs for food in markets through online petitions and protests. Their efforts have not gone to waste, as the largest dog meat market in South Korea is closing down its slaughter facilities.

Moran Market, located in Seongnam, is notorious for lining up cages full of dogs waiting to be purchased for slaughter.

As early as next week, the facilities of the market’s 22 dog meat vendors will be confiscated, The Independent reported.

This is a great achievement for animal welfare groups; however, animal rights activists are still pushing for a nationwide ban on the selling of dog meat.

"Seongnam city took a big step toward changing the dog meat industry here,” Jang In-young, an official at Korean Animal Welfare Association, told The Independent.


“But we will have to constantly monitor dog meat shops in the market to see if they really stop slaughtering dogs and change their business.”