Disneyland's New Lightsaber Churros Transform You Into A Jedi

I am one with the sugar, and the sugar is one with me.

Disneyland's new lightsaber churros are out-of-this-world. The latest Disney tie-in to the Star Wars universe lets young Jedis (and the young at heart) pick a side with lightsaber churros sprinkled with either red (to represent the Sith) or blue sugar (to represent the the Jedi). The curros even have sparkly star sprinkles to put you in the mood for saving the universe.

Of course the churros also come in a cardboard holder that looks like the hilt of a lightsaber to make the inevitable swordfights even more realistic. We can already hear the cries of young kids everywhere who have dropped their churros in an epic battle between the light and dark side.

From social media posts, it looks like these churros have been sold at Disneyland's Tomorrowland since around Star Wars Day (May the 4th) and could be coming back to Walt Disney World in Florida where they had previously been spotted at Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you simply can't wait, you can always pop by the Rebel Hangar, a Star Wars-themed restaurant that recently opened at Hollywood Studios.

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