Disney World's Magic Kingdom Just Got A Whole Lot Boozier

Up until 2012, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom was entirely dry (unless you count the drop at the end of Splash Mountain). However, following a successful wine and beer run for the Be Our Guest dining experience, four more restaurants at the Magic Kingdom will now be serving alcohol.

Starting Dec. 23, Liberty Tree Tavern (in Liberty Square), Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (in Adventureland), Tony's Town Square Restaurant (on Main Street), and Cinderella's Royal Table (inside Cinderella's Castle) will begin serving wine and beer. Brian Koziol, the master sommelier and development director for Disney Parks Food & Beverage, created some food and wine pairings at each of the locations. We're hoping for a pumpkin ale at Cinderella's Royal Table, but we know they'll at least be serving sparkling wine and Champagne.

Unfortunately, hard liquor will have to wait, although tropical rum cocktails at the Jungle Cruise-themed Skipper's Canteen would be a nice reprieve from the hot Florida sun. 

Walt Disney was vehemently opposed to selling alcohol in his theme parks, according to Fox News, but in the decades after his death, the carousel of progress has marched on to include more adult-friendly treats inside the House of Mouse.