Disney World May Be Opening Up a Boozy, Jungle Cruise-Themed Restaurant

A new restaurant based on Disney World’s classic (and cheesy) jungle ride will be called Skipper’s Cantina

On the Jungle Cruise at Disney, adventure-seekers can witness the “back side of water,” but what about the back side of a margarita?  (Photo Modified: Flickr/DancingNomad3/CC 4.0)

Rumor has it that Disney World’s Adventureland (in the heart of the Magic Kingdom) will soon be home to a jungle-themed restaurant, based on the classic (and somewhat cheesy) ride just next door, the Jungle Cruise. It may just be the second-ever Magic Kingdom eatery to serve alcohol. My vote for a restaurant name would be “Gorge on the Jungle.”

According to WDW News Today, a Disney World blog, the restaurant may be called “The Skipper’s Canteen,” taking its name from the jovial, pun-cracking Jungle Cruise ride operators. It would be fashioned after the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland, meaning that it would follow a counter service lunch and table service dinner format, and will hopefully include booze on the menu. The restaurant, which will be located at the former Adventureland Verandah, is scheduled to open as early as November 2015.


Disney World has not yet confirmed the rumors of the new restaurant’s unique theming; earlier speculation stated that it could become a New Orleans restaurant à la Princess and the Frog, but we’re secretly hoping for this wild eatery instead.