Deep-Fried Tequila Is Your Next Boozy Obsession

Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel is deep-frying tequila for your booze-tacular enjoyment

That’s one way to have your margarita and eat it too.

State fairs have introduced us to the wonders of deep-fried Coca-Cola and Kool-Aid, but greasy liquids have gotten an alcoholic upgrade at one Australia hotel. The Bendigo Hotel music venue in Melbourne, Australia, serves deep-fried tequila shots. The chef at Bendigo’s bar — mischievously named the Glory Hole — deep-fries tequila, coats it in lots of salt, and divides it into bite-sized boozy snacks. Of course, the whole platter is served with a few lime wedges to complement the solidified cocktail

Nowhere near Melbourne but want to try it out for yourself? Try out this recipe from Oh Bite It! (which was published years before the Glory Hole bar craze spread). This recipe calls for soaking cubes of angel food cake in tequila and then frying them up until golden-brown.

This is not the first time we’ve been graced with the glory of fried alcohol. These deep-fried champagne jellies were all the rage for New Year’s Eve a few years back.


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