D’Munchies Café in Australia Opens at 4:20

You don’t need to be stoned to enjoy the restaurant’s indulgent offerings

D’Munchies / Facebook

Menu items include a pepperoni pizza pretzel hot dog, and a chicken burger topped with bacon, hash browns, Cheetos cheese sauce, and lettuce on a milk bun.

D’Munchies, located in Newtown, Australia, makes no secret of its target customer, with its marijuana leaf mural and opening time of 4:20 p.m. the first three days of its opening. Its menu, created by Sydney chef David Pyne is both weird and indulgent, to be enjoyed by stoned and sober customers alike. Perhaps Pyne is onto something in appealing to marijuana-smokers, as D’Munchies follows in the footsteps of a restaurant in Amsterdam that encourages diners to smoke before arriving.

Pyne tells the Daily Mail Australia, “We're having a bit of fun with the menu and it's about the atmosphere we create in there as well.” No edibles here; menu highlights include a pepperoni pizza pretzel hot dog, the ‘J-Rizzler Chicken N Cheetos Burger,’ which features fried buttermilk chicken, bacon, hash browns, Cheetos cheese sauce, and iceberg lettuce on a milk bun; and Bone Cakes, made with caramelized banana, whipped ricotta, cinnamon-spiced pistachios, butter-roasted walnuts, and Manuka honey, reports Mashable. Customers can also create their own ice cream using ingredients like pretzels, sour gummy worms, and Nutella.

Most of the food is made on-site, including the bacon, thanks to the help of a German butcher. The restaurant, which seats only 20, has a takeout option.

Not in Australia? Check out this line of marijuana edibles created by celebrity chef Mindy Segal.

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