Of Course France Just Opened a Wine Theme Park

France just opened what’s being called the World’s Fair of wine: a museum/theme park dedicated to the art of winemaking
A wine theme park is something we didn’t know we needed… until now.


A wine theme park is something we didn’t know we needed… until now. 

Oh my Bordeaux! France has just opened up a wine theme park and the world could not be any more excited. La Cité du Vin (The city of wine) will open to the public on June 1 on the Garonne river in Bordeaux, a few hours from Paris. Heralded as the World’s Fair of wine, La Cite du Vine will be a living museum and showcase dedicated to wine, and will even have a ride: a simulator boat ride mimicking a wine merchant’s journey across the globe, according to CNBC.

This 10-story, $91 million project/theme park expects 450,000 visitors each year, so start planning your trip now. The unusual architecture of the grounds is supposed to imitate the motion of wine swirling in a glass” — “a seamless curve, intangible and sensual," the press brochure published by La Cité du Vin said.

The space will have 19 themed areas, a 250-seat auditorium, and will offer a permanent tour “through the evolution of wine and its civilizations.” There will also be multiple tasting areas, educational workshops, and multiple food areas, including a restaurant with panoramic views of the grounds.

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We’re hoping and praying that California will decide to open something similar so America can enjoy the glory that is a wine theme park.