Coachella 2017 Is Serving Up Danny Trejo’s Tacos, Waffles on a Stick, and More

Coachella unveiled its extensive food lineup for the 2017 festival taking place later this month

Don your flower crown and choose your best filter for these eats.

Coachella — the annual peace-loving music and arts festival and Insta-celebrity magnet — has announced its food lineup for 2017. If you’re attending the festival, which starts on April 14, you’ll probably want to fuel up after a long day of maintaining your meticulously hippie-chic look. Here’s the lowdown on this year’s refreshments:

— Loaded waffles on a stick from Sweet Comforts: These Belgian waffles are shaped like honeycombs and topped with icing, animal crackers, Oreo cookie crumbs, Fruity Pebbles, and more.

— Danny Trejo’s tacos (What? You didn’t know he had a taqueria now?) will be sold at the Beer Barn. Expect Trejo’s shrimp and asada tacos to sell out quickly.

— Paper Planes: a plate full of tater tots topped with warm, melted raclette cheese from the people behind Eggslut. We can already picture the long, winding lines for this savory creation. (VIP access only.)

— Coconut nitro ice cream from LA restaurant Wolf: This sub-zero treat will never melt in the oppressive Silicon Valley heat. (VIP access only.)

— Cold brew green tea and orange chicken bowls from The Fat Dragon.

— Peruvian Burritos from the newly opened restaurant Mamacita, stuffed with quinoa and brown rice blend, tomato sambal, smashed avocadoes, and a fried egg with chicken, skirt steak, or Portobello mushrooms. (VIP access only.)


Click here for the full list of participating restaurants, food trucks, and celebrity chefs.