Thankfully, there’s no knife work involved.


The Chef Prepares Food on the Back of Your Hand at This Restaurant

Anton Piotrowski, ‘MasterChef’ winner, offers a tasting menu where one course is prepared on the back of the customer’s hand

We’ve heard of finger-foods, but this is going a bit far. Anton Piotrowski, a former MasterChef UK winner, is offering a nine-course tasting menu at his restaurant, the Brown and Bean in Plymouth, England. One of the courses is totally-plate free, but instead of simply asking customers to eat with their hands, Piotrowski serves the appetizer directly on the back of each customer’s hand, according to The Telegraph.

Customers then eat the dish by licking it off of their own skin.

If you fancy a go at this unique experience at Brown and Bean, first you’ll be asked to turn over your hand and make a fist. Then, the chef will squirt burnt apple sauce on the back and top it with chopped pork, blood radish, and apple blossom, which you’ll have to eat by hand and tongue. One reviewer calls the experience, “Pretentious piffle!”

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Awkward table manners aside, the dish-less dish has become something of a phenomenon in chic hipster eateries. From mason jars to cutting boards and even novelty toilets, unconventional dishware has made serving dinner on normal plates seem so passé. The Twitter account @WeWantPlates perfectly makes fun of this new trend: